The UL Safety Games are set to begin and you're the next star safetylete. Kids learn about safety with three fun casual games that can be played online from any computer, tablet or smart device.
In Track and Yield, safetyletes race around collecting healthy snacks while avoiding bad nasties. Special power-ups also teach mobility and transportation safety.
The latest in learning science combines exciting game play with challening in-game quizzes to cement the safety lessons taught in each game.
Hidden Danger teaches about everyday hazards, including water, elecrtical and fire dangers, and how to avoid them from becoming issues in the first place.
Visual quizzes illustrate the correct answers and make for fun engagement, both keys to making lessons memorable.
Safety Sort employs the timeless match-three puzzle video game-style to teach kids about environment safety and responsibility.
The games are fully responsive and can be enjoyed on any device wherever a kid wants to learn about being Safety Smart!

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