Between the camping and the rocking out to the biggest names in Country Music, come on by for a party and drive experience at the Toyota Drive Center.
A fully-connected experience starts with registering each participant with a RFID wristband. The wristband connects them to the Toyota Drive Center, the Toyota Hangout and other third-party experiences throughout the event.
Just a tap at each of the 18 stations and the particiapnt created a personal digital passport accessed on their mobile. As an individual participates and checks-in to more and more events, they improve their chances at winning bigger and bigger prizes.
Brand ambassardors engage and immerse participants in the experience. The ambassadors device takes a Toyota-branded picture, connects to the participant with a simple tap of the wrist and enables instant sharing to social media platforms.
Live the brand and drive the product hard at the Toyota Drive Center. Share the moment instantly to friends and family on social media from the connected experience.

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